Last day in Arnhem

Our last days in Arnhem have been truly amazing. The combination of turning 18 and being here was truly something else. Almost undescribale how many things happened on my birthday. The Dutch employees sang a Dutch birthday song for me and B&B owner played a song on his guitar for me. We also took a […]

10 days in Gelderland

10 days into our wonderful work experience at Hema have been truely a life changing experience. Our first week of work was very informative and interesting. We worked in many different areas throughout the week. Mainly using the PDA Maschine to help us stock items. Helping customers find items in the store became a daily […]

6 Days in Arnhem

Hello Again, We are now 6 days in Arnhem. The work in Hema has been really good so far. We work everyday in a different area. Sometimes we work in the inventory or sometimes we are upstairs with customers. Our PDA Maschine helps us locate items and stock them in the shelve. It gives us […]

First days in the Netherlands

Good evening, Our first days here in Arnhem have been really fun and interesting. We came on Friday by train and in just 1 hour and 45 minutes we arrived in Arnhem Centraal. We then went to the lovely bed and breakfast in a little lovely village of Heavadorp. We were both very welcomed by […]

What does digitization mean for our private and school life?

What does digitization mean for our private and school life?

Assignment #1: „What does digitization mean for our private and school life?“ Digitization is present in almost all areas of life in our society. New technologies change the way we handel school and private life. Through the use of digital products and applications we save time: Private Life Household robots can be helpful when vacuuming, […]

My First Blog – 9 Days Before

My First Blog – 9 Days Before

Hello, my name is Nelson. In 9 days I am going to Arnhem, NL, to do an international internship at HEMA supported through the European commission. Mr. Denis from Max-Weber-Berufskolleg Düsseldorf asked me a couple of question which I would like to answer in my first blog:  – I am doing an internship abroad, because […]