What is digitization for me….

From my understanding, digitization is the mixing of virtual technologies with cutting-edge progress into everyday lifestyles through the digitization of everything that can be digitized.

Digital Technologies  is about teaching me how technology works, and how I can use that knowledge to solve problems at home, in my private life or in our environment, but also in a way that it will not get me into any problem but helps me to solve it.


Digitization at school….

When people in education talk about digital technologies they mean things like computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

They also talk about the infrastructure that schools need to use digital technologies, like fully funded, safe and reliable access to ultra-fast broadband and wireless (WiFi) access,the most privileged schools, data-driven technologies are already deployed to support teaching and learning, bringing efficiency and an improved learning experience. Students experienced in digital technology are more likely to meet the expectations of employers.

During my intership i would like to gain some important working experience…

For example I want to Develop and refine my skills, I can learn a lot about my strengths and weaknesses during the internship.This Internships will allow me to get feedback from supervisors and others who are established in the field, and offer a unique learning opportunity that I may not have agained anywhere, moreover I want to gain more confedence for example this Internships will allow me to test out my specific techniques learned in the classroom before entering the working world and I will also want to gain a better Communication skills,Time Management and how to work under pressure and to think critical.

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  1. Roberto Galletto

    Dear Kassim,

    In your report you wrote: „Students experienced in digital technology are more likely to meet the expectations of employers“. What is your experience at school? Do you deal with digitization practically at school? How is digitization implemented within the lesson? Do you feel prepared for your future life in a digitized working environment?

    Moreover, I like the energy and the positive thinking you express here. I am very impressed! I hope your expectations will be satisfied. Oh, btw: Which techniques did you learn in class before coming to the Netherlands?

    All the best,
    Roberto Galletto

    1. Abdul Kassim Mansaray Beitragsautor

      Dear Mr. Galletto
      I have gained some experience about digitisation especially since I came to Germany. People call New York a land of hope and big dreams but I call Düsseldorf my land of hope, big dreams better Zivilisation and Digitisation. Once more I’m originally from Sierra Leone a land of less opportunity and digitisation whereby only rich people are able to send there children to better schools with digital while the others get to know very less about digitisation,this gives a big opportunities to students who have experience in digital technology or they are more likely to meet the expectations of employers, because of their experience and it less expenses for the company to start teaching them from scratch. At this moment I can say I have gain some experiences and have gotten opportunities to develop my knowledge in digitisation. My school Max Weber vocational college is giving us students more room to improve our knowledge in digitisation, for example we have two subjects called „Zukunft coaching“ and Informationswirtschaft , in „IW“ we learn a lot how to use the computer manually and Automatically, Word , Excel,PowerPoint, Gmail, etc. In ZC we use IPad to do some researches for example researches about our dream Jobs, the requirements needed, salaries and also find out more if it is the right Work for us in the future, moreover we also use iPads to do presentations in class and also get some contact from companies, we call them or send them applications for placement etc. To conclude I’m so curious to know, see or be in a digitised environment, I’m so prepared and I want to be part of the side that help digitisation to grow so that one day I can help my home land.


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