My First Blog 8 days to go


My name is Abdul Kassim. It is a great opportunity for me to represent my school Max- Weber-Vocational-Training-College and Germany in an international internship in Holland at HEMA which will start in eight days. Firstly I would like to answer some important question.

Why did I Choose an Intenational intership?

I am a student at Max-Weber -Vocational -Training -Collage, in 2020 I will get my higher education entrance qualification and later to study BWL ( INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS).This is one of the big reasons why i applied, moreover I love adventure, meeting new people, learning new culture and traditions most importantly to improve my language skills and this opportunity I could not get in home country so once this came up I had to grab the opportunuity.

What do i hope my intership will be like ?

First of all I hope my intership will be very interesting, beneficial me now and also in the future, most especially I hope my expectations will be fullfill for example to expand my knowledge in digital areas, improve my language skills, get to know new friendly people etc.

What do I imagine for my intership abroad?

of course I am going to spend a lot of time with Nelson, we gonna have lot of fun togethere, we are going to help each other at work and home and I can not wait talking to customers connecting to them, gain some experience maybe i will be able to get contact of important people in Holland.

What happened to me during my preparation for the intership?

Before I wrote my application for the internationl intership I was looking for other placement because I thouth I was not gonna get this international  intership,but I sat down express myself very well on my application I never told my parents untill I was given a  confirmation i was so happy and my parents were also because it was dream come true and this is one of the biggest thing that has happen to me.

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  1. Roberto Galletto

    Hello Kassim,

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and expectations with us. I am happy for you to take this chance as an opportunity to make new (working) experiences in a foreign country. I’m confident that you will grow a lot during your internship. I look forward to reading more of your experiences in the Netherlands.

    All the best,
    Roberto Galletto


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