What does digitization mean for our private and school life?

Assignment #1: „What does digitization mean for our private and school life?“

Digitization is present in almost all areas of life in our society. New technologies change the way we handel school and private life. Through the use of digital products and applications we save time:

Private Life

Household robots can be helpful when vacuuming, wiping or mowing the lawn. Digital shopping lists like (WUNDERLIST) with access for all members of the household and online ordering services (PICNIC) with flexible delivery times or personal pick-up in the nearest supermarket save us time and long checkout lines.

The way to get from place to place can be optimized by a software for traffic-dependent route planning (almost) in real time. We can find out the best departure time based on calendar entries and current traffic situation by digital assistants for example with a navigation system in the car.

If we want to find out opening hours we can quickly check online and if we would like to set up an appointment with a doctor we often arrange appointments online.  In the future we will simply attend video calls with the doctor when we are not feeling well.

Anyway, there are so many ways we are saving time which we can now spend otherwise.

School Life

The use of digital media in the classrooms makes sense, because it arouses the interest of the students and can usually convey the facts better. We can quickly get all the information that we need and move on faster. Again, we saved time. 

However, in Germany not every school uses the same level of technology. In fact, some are not advanced at all. Some schools don’t even have WLAN access yet. Luckily my school is very advanced. We are regularly using iPads for projects and presentations.

Change is coming nationwide because, on March 15th, 2019 the Federal Council’s approved a 5.5 billion contribution for the digital infrastructure of schools in Germany. 

I am curious to find out how advanced the Netherlands are. I heard that in the Netherlands more and more „Steve Jobs schools“ are emerging. Each child learns independently on the computer and becomes master of his own school day. 

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  1. Roberto Galletto

    Dear Nelson,

    Wow – you seem to be an expert on digitization! 😉
    How do you know all these apps like Wunderlist or Picnic? Are there other apps you know which help you to save time? Do you also see disadvantages concerning digitization?

    I like to hear that using iPads has become an integral part of the lesson. How else do you use the iPads besides preparing presentations? Where else do you see digitization at your school?

    All the best,
    Roberto Galletto

    1. Nelson Crilly Beitragsautor

      Hr. Galletto: How do you know all these apps like Wunderlist or Picnic?   

      I know Picnic because I applied already for a part time runner- or shopper- position, It’s a grocery online ordering company and it finds its roots in the netherlands. It is expanding like crazy in Germany and the peolpe like the little eco-friendly trucks that drive around and bring groceries to smeones home. Its like the milk man job form the old days. The prices for the groceries seam to be the same as if you by the items at Edeka and the quality is supposed to be high. The germans except it! Also, the company Picnic was an example in my video application to be accepted for this internship. I think its great to sit at home and the fresh food arrives at the door! Cool is how you can see where your delievery is right now though the digitalization in your app via a gps-system. 

      Wunderlist is cool, too. My family uses it to write shopping lists. You can cross out things that are bought alreay. Also, my mom uses it for business to create to do list for her projekts. I think list are good. You can even create you personal lists like best movies, places to visit, recepies or books to read. The list can be never ending and you can always remember the things. Even for learning a language it would be helpful!

      In school we use Ipads to create a podcast or to make a movie. We also research the internet for projects, posters, and reports. It is nice to have a lot of digital media in the school. For example the school has strong WiFi access for the Ipads to use.

      Have a nice evening.


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