My First Blog – 9 Days Before


my name is Nelson. In 9 days I am going to Arnhem, NL, to do an international internship at HEMA supported through the European commission. Mr. Denis from Max-Weber-Berufskolleg Düsseldorf asked me a couple of question which I would like to answer in my first blog:

 – I am doing an internship abroad, because ….

I am doing an internship abroad because, later in my professional life, I would like to orientate myself internationally. I am American and European therefore it is definitely an advantage for me to work in another European country. I think, international companies would appreciate it. It also shows commitment because it is a scholarship through the European Commission. You have to show enthusiasm in order to get it.

– I hope that my internship will be like …

I hope my internship abroad will open up interesting ways of working on an international level. I am looking forward to learn things that I never even knew before. The Dutch are technically very advanced, so maybe there are high-tech ways of working in the retail sector on the topic 4.0. I am also excited about to speak lots of English, like when I grew up. I would also like to improve my Dutch, which will definitely happen within two weeks.

– For my internship abroad, I imagine …

For my internship abroad I plan to spend a great time with Kassim and to benefit from the life and work experience for a long time. Maybe I will meet nice people, make new friends or company contacts for later applications. Last but not least I will turn 18 and that’s on the last day of my internship and will be a big day.

– During the preparation for the internship the following happened to me …

I filmed my application video with my mother (as a camera woman) in Venlo. Where else, when my desired internship is located in the Netherlands? Before, I quickly learned how to introduce myself in Dutch, which was very funny. Then I switched to English … then back to German. It was fun and, in the end, I was accepted for this internship. Now, I am counting the days…it is almost here! I will keep you updated…



2 Gedanken zu „My First Blog – 9 Days Before

  1. Roberto Galletto

    Dear Nelson,

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. I am impressed by the energy and power you show here. I am confident that you will do a great job and that you will gain a lot experience during your internship abroad from which you will benefit in your life. I look forward to hearing more from you!

    All the best,
    Roberto Galletto


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