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Hope to see you again Arnhem


Working at Hema as a placement student was the most great and wonderful experience that has happened to me for many years, the experience with customers, workers and people in Arnhem has been so great. The Hema team has been so helpful, they are team workers,tolerant,nice,intelligent and hardworking etc this is a dream come to past since I was a small boy I always wanted to travel, it my hobby and now it happing.

On Tuesday after work we had dinner at home (B&B) me, Nelson and our teacher the meal was delicious it was cooked my Nelson. On Wednesday we went to Nijmegen Nelson and I it was a good experience and the city is beautiful. Thursday was the day the, Nelson’s birthday a very exciting day. Nelson was the happiest person I know that day and of course I was also very happy for him. The afternoon after work Nelson parents came they picked us up from work and we went to celebrate.

Friday was the last day, a very emotional day because it was our last day at Hema and most especially in the Nederland.I never wanted the internship to end because every day I was learning new things, knowing new people etc. We took some nice pictures with the our coworkers and at the end of the day we were given gifts,they really appreciate us being there and our hard work etc.

10 days in Arnhem

Ten beautiful days in Arnhem , the weather is nice here and I used the bike to work. Today I worked at the sales department my confidence is developing everyday, talking to customers and helping them is now a daily routine, I arranged some products inoder, bring the products in the right department and filling the empty shelves. It was really interesting. On Saturday I decided to stay home ( bed and breakfast) cook some food and watch movies, but later around 7 o’clock I wanted to see the city so I decided to go and see how people enjoy the weekend here in Arnhem, it was nice and beautiful, I went to Mac Donald  eat some food then later I went home. On Sunday the day was amazing I went to the national park De Hoge Veluwe with Nelson my school teacher, the owner of Bed and Breakfast and one other teacher from here it was really interesting and we had lot of fun, we ride bikes ? more than 20km and we were also at Kröller-Müller Museum, it was beautiful,full of Art ?. After that we had a picnic delicious food and then later we went to see the Kröller-Müller Castel, we took some beautiful pictures, the experience was simply magnificent. Later in the evening we went to eat some pancakes so sweet and delicious the day was really extraordinary.

Six days in the Nederland Arnhem




Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday wow!

From day one it has being very educational, interesting and fun with both workers and customers at Hema in Arnhem. I was able to learn different things at work, from Tuesday to Thursday I was allowed to work in the inventory, the person in charge there is a hard working man who thought me many things. The Inventory is a place where goods are stored, from delivery ( new goods) or from the shop ( old good). It has different categories with many goods, for example Kosmetik, baby dress, food, school and office etc. Every shelves has a code and a number as well as every good has a code an a number. When the sales department want to get some particular good from the inventory they send me with a paper where the codes and numbers are and also names of the products or goods that I should bring up to them. Technology has made it very simple, I looked the paper read the last three numbers or scanned the code with a PDA and look for the shelve, when I saw it I scanned it with the PDA Maschine it will then immediately show me a number and if it matches with the number on the paper then it the right shelve and the right product. The scanner is a Motorola PDA Maschine and very easy to use. Moreover I was also send to the sales department to deliver some goods and I was also able to interact with customers which was very interesting.

My first few days in the Nederland Arnhem

My First day the in Nederland Arnheim,

We arrived on Friday the 29 March at 18:15 , The weather was nice. Nelson and I were pick up and we were taken to Bed and breakfast , where we are now staying a beautiful place and It really feels like home.  Around 19:20 we decided to go see the city ( Arnhem)  6km from Haveadorp, it quiet but an interesting city I love it . The following day (Saturday) we decided to go sightseeing in Amsterdam that was my first time to go there , it was extraordinary beautiful, busy city , everybody was positive, full of happiness , nice people and most especially the city is international many people speak English and I was very happy. We went to Vondel Park, Stedelijk  museum, Von Gogh Museum and saw many canals which was very surprising for me compared to Düsseldorf. On Sunday we went to Lidl to buy some groceries , we cooks some nice meal and then spend the rest of the day at Bed and breakfast in Haveadorp.

First day at work was an overview of what a normal working time looks like. The experience was peculiar. The works start at 9:30 but we arrived at 9:20,we were warmly welcome and then introduced to every worker, we were thought how to say good morning, good afternoon in Nederland, it was so intresting after that we were given uniform to wear, I was able to communicate with workers and customers in English and German. I was send to the sale (marketing) apartment it was a great experience, I was able to learn some logistics for example how good are being packed out for sale and I was able to communicate with customers which help me to improve my communication skills on my first day. I’m looking forward to more wonderful experience and learning in the coming days.




What is digitization for me….

From my understanding, digitization is the mixing of virtual technologies with cutting-edge progress into everyday lifestyles through the digitization of everything that can be digitized.

Digital Technologies  is about teaching me how technology works, and how I can use that knowledge to solve problems at home, in my private life or in our environment, but also in a way that it will not get me into any problem but helps me to solve it.


Digitization at school….

When people in education talk about digital technologies they mean things like computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

They also talk about the infrastructure that schools need to use digital technologies, like fully funded, safe and reliable access to ultra-fast broadband and wireless (WiFi) access,the most privileged schools, data-driven technologies are already deployed to support teaching and learning, bringing efficiency and an improved learning experience. Students experienced in digital technology are more likely to meet the expectations of employers.

During my intership i would like to gain some important working experience…

For example I want to Develop and refine my skills, I can learn a lot about my strengths and weaknesses during the internship.This Internships will allow me to get feedback from supervisors and others who are established in the field, and offer a unique learning opportunity that I may not have agained anywhere, moreover I want to gain more confedence for example this Internships will allow me to test out my specific techniques learned in the classroom before entering the working world and I will also want to gain a better Communication skills,Time Management and how to work under pressure and to think critical.

My First Blog 8 days to go


My name is Abdul Kassim. It is a great opportunity for me to represent my school Max- Weber-Vocational-Training-College and Germany in an international internship in Holland at HEMA which will start in eight days. Firstly I would like to answer some important question.

Why did I Choose an Intenational intership?

I am a student at Max-Weber -Vocational -Training -Collage, in 2020 I will get my higher education entrance qualification and later to study BWL ( INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS).This is one of the big reasons why i applied, moreover I love adventure, meeting new people, learning new culture and traditions most importantly to improve my language skills and this opportunity I could not get in home country so once this came up I had to grab the opportunuity.

What do i hope my intership will be like ?

First of all I hope my intership will be very interesting, beneficial me now and also in the future, most especially I hope my expectations will be fullfill for example to expand my knowledge in digital areas, improve my language skills, get to know new friendly people etc.

What do I imagine for my intership abroad?

of course I am going to spend a lot of time with Nelson, we gonna have lot of fun togethere, we are going to help each other at work and home and I can not wait talking to customers connecting to them, gain some experience maybe i will be able to get contact of important people in Holland.

What happened to me during my preparation for the intership?

Before I wrote my application for the internationl intership I was looking for other placement because I thouth I was not gonna get this international  intership,but I sat down express myself very well on my application I never told my parents untill I was given a  confirmation i was so happy and my parents were also because it was dream come true and this is one of the biggest thing that has happen to me.